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This is one showy animal with its ghostly pale pinkish to lavender colors that come in many shades in between.
Ghost Corn


The Blizzard Corn is one true white corn snake. As an adult they have little or no visible pattern.
Blizzard Corn




Anerythristic Striped
Anerythristic Striped


The Butter Corn is a beautiful albino corn that lacks the red color pigment. This is the double recessive of the caramel and amelanistic corn snake. Some have no white around the markings as a result of the amelanistic with the hypomelanistic caramel influence.
Butter Corn


The Striped Amelanistic corn has broad longitudinal dorsal stripes. Some have faint cross-hatch markings in a few places. They are one showy corn.
Striped Amelanistic


This is sometimes called the Black Albino because of the lack of all red and orange pigment. They have almost black blotches on a silver-gray background.


This beautiful snake comes in many shades of peachy orange to yellow and was created by crossing the Amelanistic with the Great Plains rat snake.


This is sometimes called the Red Albino because of the lack of black pigment. This color is the most popular color corn in the world. Click here for a PIC of her with her eggs.


This snake starts out looking somewhat like the normal corn but without any black. Each time it sheds it becomes redder and redder until it is almost solid red as an adult.


The first Okeetees were discovered at the Okeetee Hunt Club in South Carolina. They are famous for there big red blotches on an orange background with broad black borders around the blotches making this one of my favorite colors.


The Candycane with it's red to red-orange blotches on an almost white background is a very showy and different from all others.


The Snow corn is a white corn that has the corn snake pattern and sometimes has a little yellow on either side of it's neck making it one great show specimen.
Snow Corn


This color corn is found in the wild in Miami, Florida (Dade County) and has orange to red blotches on a silver-gray background.
Miami Phase



Jacksonville Herpetological Society

Jacksonville, Florida
League of Florida Herpetological Societies

All snakes pictured on this page are my breeder stock and are not for sale.  They represent offspring that can be purchased.

This is not a business. It is a hobby, therefore, I have the time to take care of the needs of each one of my pets individually. I strive to produce quality animals, not quantity. This being only a hobby, I have time to make sure that all of the babies are eating well before I will sell any of them.

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