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    This is a Reverse Okeetee that hatched Aug. 12, 2001.  He's was only 6 months old and already over 2 feet when this picture was taken.   His Mother is a Ghost and his Father is a Classic Het for Snow.  This one is   always ready to eat.  I feed these young breeders about every 4 to 5 days.  He has great color and it keeps getting better with every shed.

     This is one of the Snow corns that I'm keeping for breeding.  She looks like she will be a true white snow.   As of yet she has no yellow color on her at all.  She will be one beautiful corn.  She hatched Aug. 26, 2001.  Her Mother is a Red Albino and her Father is a beautiful Creamsicle.
     This is one of my Candycanes that I chose to keep for a breeder.  She eats will and is growing like a weed.  She hatched Aug. 14, 2001.  Her Mother is a Snow and her Father is a Creamsicle.   She's about 2 feet now at 6 months.  Corn snakes make the best pets.
    This is a young Bloodred at about 4 months old. As you can see she has pattern like a normal corn but each time she sheds she becomes redder until now she is almost solid red.  The picture to the right is her at 3 years old.  The Blood corns have no black and white checked under side as do the normal corns.  She hatched Aug. 10, 2001.   Her Mother is a Bloodred corn (Wild caught) that I've had for 8 years.
    This is a little Creamsicle.  Check out the color on this one.  She hatched Aug. 13, 2001.   Her Mother is a Snow and her Father is a AWESOME Creamsicle.  She's almost 2 feet at 6 months, eats well and I believe will be a beautiful corn snake.
    This is a Anerythristic corn that I hatched last summer.  When it hatched it was almost silver and black. It has changed a little but I still love the color.  It looks just like it's Mother.  It's Father is a Classic corn Het for Snow.  She hatches Aug. 12, 2001.  She has always been a picky eater but she's getting better lately.   She only wanted dead pinkies but today she killed this fizzy ate it and I got these pictures of her eating.
    Here's a great Okeetee.   She hatched Aug. 12, 2001.  Her Mother is a Ghost and Her Father is a beautiful Classic Het for Snow.  She's 2 feet.  She's eating fussies and is really growing fast.  When the babies hatch and there are so many colors, it's hard to chose which one's to keep.  It's like the potato chip commercial, (I bet you can't KEEP just one!!!!!!!!) 
    This is a Snow that I got from one of our club members.  I wanted this male snow for a different bloodline to breed to the females that I'm saving for future breeders.  He already has a lot of yellow on him.  He hatched Aug. of 2001.  I think he is going to be a beautiful corn and a great addition to my collection.

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