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     Hello, and welcome to my web site. I raise corn snakes as a hobby only. This is not a business. It is a hobby, therefore, I have the time to take care of the needs of each one of my pets individually. I strive to produce quality animals, not quantity.  I have time to make sure that all of the babies are eating well before I sell any of them.
     I have been interested in snakes for a very long time. When I was a young boy, I would look for snakes and try to catch them, if I could. When I would catch one, I could never keep it as a pet, because my mother would make me release it because she was terrified of snakes. Now I live in Florida and a few years ago, I caught my first corn snake. I started reading all the books and all the information that I could find regarding the care and breeding of corn snakes. Now I am a Florida Corn Snake breeder of captive bred corn snakes in a rainbow of colors - Classic Corn, Bloodred, Snow corn, creamsicle, Ghost, Anerythristic, Amelanistic, Candycane, Okeetee and Reverse Okeetee.
     Corn snakes are the number one pet snake in the United States and are bred in a rainbow of colors. Corn snakes are the best pets. They do not bark all night or mess up the furniture and you don't have to take them for a walk, but you can. ~ Mike