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                Frozen & Live Mice         

As a reptile breeder myself I know how important it is to feed your reptiles the very best!  like the old saying, "You are what you eat" That's why my mice are fed a specially formulated diet of nutritionally balanced mouse chow, blended with a mixture of natural whole grains and seeds.  Feeding your reptiles frozen mice from the Mouse Farm will greatly enhance the life of your reptiles.

  Pinkie Mouse
.50 each
  Big Pinkie
.50 each
Big Pinkie
  Fuzzy Mice
.50 each

Weanling Mice
.50 each
.50 each
  Ex-breeders when available
.50 each

Why feed frozen mice??

There are several benefits to feeding frozen rodents instead of live ones. The mice are killed quickly and humanely, the same is not always true when the task is left to a snake. Freezing kills many parasites that could potentially harm your reptile. Frozen food is easier for you to deal with. Instead of weekly trips to the pet store to carry home a live mouse.  You can stock up for multiple feedings worth and store them easily in your freezer. If for some reason your reptile does not eat the mouse, frozen ones are easier to dispose of than live ones.

I believe most importantly, frozen food is safer for your reptile than live. It happens often, and everyone thinks it won’t happen to them, but live rodents severely and sometimes fatally injure the reptiles they are being fed to. If a snake coils around a mouse in the wrong way, the mouse’s feet and teeth can be used to gouge, cut, and bite at the snake’s skin, eyes and mouth. Most often, trauma is the cause of "mouth rot" infections in snakes, and most trauma is caused by bites or scratches received when attempting to kill a mouse. In addition to that, there are some times when a reptile just refuses to feed. In these cases, sometimes the rodent will begin to bite the reptile, chewing on the tail, the eyes, portions of the body, whatever tastes good. If left alone, the rodents can cause enough injury to kill the reptile outright, or the wounds that the rodent causes can become infected, leading to disease, costly vet bills, and possibly the death of the animal.

Frozen Mice are sold 50 to the bag for $25.
Live mice or smaller orders they are .75 cents each
Each bag can be ordered with different sizes of mice in it or all one size. As long as it adds up to 50, your choice of sizes. Email for availability and I'll have them ready to pick up in St. Augustine, Florida.  No shipping.... ~Mike
Email The Mouse Farm to Order Your Mice...

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