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     Payment for all animals and shipping cost, must be received prior to shipment.  I will accept PayPal from your bank account to my PayPal Account not from credit cards and  money orders or cashier's check.  I will accept personal checks but will only ship after your check has cleared your bank which takes 3 to 4 days..


     Shipping costs will usually be $50 depend on your ZIP.  Please send me your City, State & Zip and I'll tell you how much shipping will be.  I can ship up to 6 babies in this size box.  Shipping cost covers all shipping & handling with Styrofoam insulated cardboard shipping boxes with heat packs in cold weather.  I do not ship internationally.  I will work with each customer to assure that the shipping conditions are optimal for the customer and the snakes.  I have not yet had a problem, but I will work with reasonable customers to resolve any problems if I am at fault. It is best to ship when temperatures are between 40 to 90 degrees, both here and where you live. My guarantee only covers between these temperatures.  All animals are shipped Air and delivered directly to your door but someone must be home to sign for your new pets and put them in there new home.  If an animal is not alive when it arrives or dies after you receive it, you must save by freezing it and email me for instructions. I will only ship on Monday & Tuesday.


    I offer a 48-hour live arrival guarantee under normal weather conditions.  If you do not contact me within 48-hours, I will assume that your shipment was received in good condition.  All animals are sexed to the best of my ability. All animals will be guaranteed by me and not the carrier. If no one is at home to sign for the package and it is left outside or returned the next day -- THERE IS NO GUARANTEE.  My guarantee covers the purchase price of the snake(s) and not shipping cost.  I guarantee that the animals that you receive will be in good health and eating at the time of shipment.  I reserve the right to delay shipping if I consider the weather conditions to be too extreme. My main concern is that your animals arrive healthy.  Under the best conditions, shipping is stressful for your new pet. Please have a home ready for your new pet when it arrives. Please try not to handle and show off your new pet. Let it get used to its new home undisturbed for several days and do not try to feed them for two or three days. Good luck with your new pet and if you have any questions, just e-mail me. Corn snakes are the greatest pets of all! ~Mike


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